Transforming the Employee Benefits Industry

TASC Ventures supports TASC’s aspirations to transform the employee benefits industry by investing in seed-stage companies and spearheading pilot projects between promising startups and TASC.

Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC)

TASC helps employers provide and manage complex employee benefits programs. 

TASC has grown more than 20% annually for the last five years, and is the nation’s largest privately-held third party administrator of employee benefits.

TASC is recognized nationally for its innovation and its philanthropic approach.

Investments In TASC's Ecosystem

TASC Ventures invests in seed-stage companies that can meaningfully improve the lives of employees and the bottom line of employers. 

  • HRTech that serves the evolving workforce
  • FinTech and InsureTech distributed through employers
  • AI tools enabling new models of working

TASC Ventures seeks to participate in the best seed-stage deals, nationwide. We welcome inquiries from companies and investing partners, and are willing to lead when appropriate.

Adding Value to TASC

For startups beyond the seed stage, TASC Ventures sponsors pilot partnerships within TASC. TASC could be a customer for the startup’s product/service, an integrator of technology, or a distributor. Your startup will gain revenue, feedback from industry experts, and a reference customer. TASC is always seeking the latest tools for:

  • HR administration 
  • Payments and transaction processing 
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Data security 

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